I recently visited Dr. Saily Patil for my niece’s treatment. She was having low immunity & recurrent infection. After taking the treatment for few weeks she got much better. The recurrence is less & immunity has also improved. Thank you Dr. Saily Patil for your wonderful treatment & help.

Payal ParmarVisited For Homeopathic Treatments

I had visited Dr. Saily for my ENT issues. I had severe allergy which results in cold, cough and frequent sneezing. I was very satisfied with the entire treatment process. Doctor is very friendly and the treatment is good value for money.

Verified PatientVisited For Homeopathic Treatments

My sinus was cured in no time. Soon after starting treatment, I saw improvement in my health. I highly recommend Dr. Saily for her knowledge and dedication towards each patient.

Sharon SereneVisited for Homeopathic Treatments

Dr. Saily is one of the best doctors I have seen around. I was facing huge level of stress, heavy weight, and snore issues. I have been able to change my wardrobe clothes, experienced reduction in stress level just because of her motivation and professional guidance. I can easily see the before and after effects within a span of 3 weeks. I really appreciate her weekend hours. Visiting her is like dealing with trusted family.

Mohit WadhwaVisited for Homeopathic Treatments

Dr. Patil took such wonderful care of me, explaining things carefully to make certain I understood. She couldn’t have been nicer or more professional. She’s smart and kind. Great combination.

Verified PatientVisited for Homeopathic Treatments

I visited Dr. Saily Patil for seborrheic dermatitis and recurrent ulcers , was very satisfied with the results within a short span of just 3 months. Both my complaints have reduced drastically in frequency as well as intensity. The complete process of case taking was very comfortable and she was very patient while answering all my queries . She also recommended some diet changes which would be helpful to avoid further occurrence of the complaints.

Verified PatientVisited For Homeopathic Treatments

I visited her for weight loss treatment as it had started affecting my health overall. Dr. Saily explained me the whole process and it was a smooth transition towards weight loss. I started seeing the results within 10 days and have lost a significant amount of weight thus helping me get back to fitness.

Verified PatientVisited For Homeopathic Treatments

I was fully satisfied. I came back in my normal life. Before this treatment, I could not even come out of my house. I pray God not to give psoriasis to any one. My doctor was my God. Thank you very much once again.

Verified PatientVisited For Homeopathic Treatments

Doctor is friendly, understands our problem. I got good relief from my piles problem and pain. I am still under going treatment and hope to get permanent cure. The doctor takes care of complete health and I believe her suggestions help me in improving my health. I am very much thankful to doctor for good treatment. So I recommend others who are suffering from any health related problems to get treated in Sparsh clinic by Dr Vijaya Patil. I once again say thanks to the Doctor.

Verified PatientVisited For Gastrointestinal Problems

My experience with Dr. Vijaya Patil was great. When I approached her I had serious allergy issue and thanks to the treatment given to me by doctor my allergy has recovered to a great extent. The way in which the initial introductory case was taken was very friendly and comfortable. Also, apart from me my family has consulted doctor for various other health issues and the overall experience has been very positive.

Upasana DugadVisited For Allergic Rhinitis